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Le Carre

Bar & Restaurant Belge

The best attention, food, and atmosphere!

100% satisfaction on every visit guaranteed!

Le Carré builds upon the typical bar concept and offers more than just beers, fusing together the culture and gastronomy of Belgium in an excellent atmosphere.

Le Carré is before anything else, a unique concept, in both the beers and food that is served and in the type of decoration it displays. Up to this day, you can find in our menú at least 141 imported beers along with the most famous and recognizable belgian dishes. All together in a warm, cozy typical belgian fashion.

Le Carré’s cuisine stands out for sticking up to Belgian traditions and incorporating the best ingredients available in the region, creating excellent dishes inspired in the greatest belgian dishes, including those elaborated with beer. Our menú was created by a belgian chef, and passed down with scrutiny to our cooks.

What’s our strenght? Belgian fries. The best of the world, soon to be recognized as belgium’s cultural heritage by UNESCO along with belgian beer traditions. These delicious potato snacks are cooked in two stages, which gives them the crispness and exquisite flavor that sets them apart from the rest. Of course, most of us dishes come with their respective portion of this unique treat!

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Our story


Why « Le Carrē »

The name « Le Carrē » comes from a popular neighborhood in Liege, Belgium, where the streets come together in the shape of a square, making the literal translation of “Le Carré”, “the square”. This neighborhood is vastly known for its abundance of bars, which are mostly visited by local students.
Le Carré neighborhood is famous for providing permanent options for people who want to drink, with more than 40 bars that are open 365 days a year.

The concept

The concept
Decor in the bar is meant to recreate the appearance of a belgian tabern or bistro. Beyond the luminous signs of famous beer brands (one of the most distinctive traits of the place), Le Carré displays thematic ambiance with a unique style of tables, all of which are made out of old wooden barrels; flashy shelves and cabinets to showcase the variety of specialized beer glasses, and if it wasn’t enough, a well lit retro showcase of the best and most famous beer bottles, all exclusively imported.

One of the particular traits all belgian beers share is the fact that they are meant to be served on the specific glass the brewers tailor make for them, which gives each Brand their own sense of personality and identity. At le Carré, we encourage said personality by serving each beer on their respective glass, as it is supposed to be.

At Le Carrē, our success is based on the excellent attention we give to our customers. To achieve this, all our personnel goes under a thorough process of screening and training before entering the team. This training covers of course beer knowledge fundamentals, such as how to properly serve a beer, how to recommend beers to our customers based on their preferences and more.

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